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About Us
Finger Spinner, is a kind of bearing symmetrical structure, can be turned over in the fingers of small toys; from the beginning of 2016 in North America began to pop, and now has been hot times INS friends circle, YOUTUBE video total traffic more than one billion.

For the appearance of the fingertip gyroscope, it can be said that in addition to the items more curious and understand the players outside, almost all of them cast cold eyes and boo that this is a boring, useless things. In fact, the same as the traditional gyro, they are not boring derivatives, the existence of such items is not just to meet the curious or boring people to play, to some extent they should also be defined as practical tools, according to the spirit Scholars, gyro swivel action for attention deficit disorder and ADHD patients have a great boost to promote the effect of training, in addition to ease the mental stress, quit smoking, alcohol addiction and other non-physical dependence of disease have a certain role in supporting The As the fingertips gyroscope with the electronic cigarette and Zippo lighters like this type of product in the appearance also need to have a certain ornamental, so the fingertip gyroscope is a kind of both as a physical spirit plaything can also be based on different materials, shape and rotation The effect of their own to meet the small artifacts.